Welcome to Foundation San Mikael – Fundacion San Mikael animal shelter/rescue and adoptions.
Nayibe-+Fundacion-San-Mikael-Logo-225xLocated in Santa Marta Colombia.We are a group of volunteers dedicated to saving
lost, abandoned, abused, sick and unwanted pets.We nurture then back to good health and find good homes for our animals.While we mainly have adult cats and kittens needing our help and needing adopted, we also have dogs, and we never turn away a needy animal.Contact our office now!

Fundacion San Mikael – Foundation San Mikael Animal Shelter Rescue and Adoptions


Fundacion San Mikael – Foundation San Mikael Animal Shelter and Rescue animal shelter, rescue and adoptions is a group of volunteers with a desire to help save all animals, we believe with the proper love and care any dog, puppy, cat or kitten can grow a beloved family pet.

Fundacion San Mikael not only shelters, rescues and seeks adaption for our animals, we work hard to help responsible pet owner to learn about spay and neuter programs. we are also making people aware of animal cruelty and helping to pass new laws to protect animals.

We are strictly volunteers devoting our time and money to help our animals.

We could use your help, any donations you give will be greatly appreciated and 100% of all donations go for the food and care of the animals.

Fundacion San Mikael is a licensed authorized foundation in Santa Marta Colombia SA

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Proud Accomplishment for Fundacion San Mikael, Nayibe and all the fine people involved; Recently Nayibe and the Fundacion made a 23 hour trip from Santa Marta Colombia to Bogota Colombia with 45 cats in animal crates for adaption, they traveled for an adaption fair in Bogota that turned out very successful with full TV coverage. All 45 cats and kittens were adopted to some nice families. You can view a video of the event and TV coverage here. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B369-1B7fA79NnF2RXNGbEVOOUE

   Founder and Director: Nayibe Rojas
Telephone in Colombia: 318-692-7346
Santa Marta, Colombia SA

Contact UsE-mail or Telephone Us to Adopt a Kitten from Santa Marta Colombia.

What we do at Fundacion San Mikael Animal Shelter

  • Rescue Abandoned Animals

  • Provide Medical Assistance

  • Animal Shelter

  • Pet Adoptions

  • Help Prevent Animal Cruelty

  • Educate pet Owners